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#1 - Can I find the ingredients in my part of the world? Yes! These ingredients are quite common, and are sold across the world: from India, to Hong Kong, to Australia, to England, and of course, in the United States. I have yet to have a customer not be able to find the ingredients necessary for the kidney stone removal treatment.

#2 - I don't feel comfortable giving my credit card information over the internet. Is there any other way I can pay for this treatment? First of all, many people are leary about giving their credit card information over the internet. This is a very understandable concern. However, the credit card companies I am using to collect your payment are 100% reliable and secure. You'll see we have a HackerSafe logo on our site, which means we are audited and scanned every day by to be sure our website is safe. I have not had any security problems since I began doing business online a number of years ago. If you still do not want to pay for this remedy online, you can always mail me a personal check or a money order, and I will email you a link to the Kidney Stones Remedy Report right away. Go to the ordering page for more details.

#3 - I'm leery about your remedy. Will it really work? Has it worked for other people? Again, I understand your concern and want to do all I can to assure you that you are not risking anything by purchasing and trying this remedy. This natural kidney stone treatment has worked for numerous other people in the very recent past - too many people to list here. Whether it will work for you like it has for so many others is not something I can answer for sure. All I can tell you is that it is worth the try. More than 80% of the people that have used this remedy have reported success and a significant relief of pain.

I have noticed that my remedy does not work as well for uric acid stones (which makes up about 5% of all stones). Most success has been with calcium oxalate stones (which makes up about 80-85% of all stones). Also, if your stones are bigger than 8mm or 9mm, it is less likely they will dissolve completely in one try. If you compare it to melting a block of ice, compared to melting a bunch of ice cubes... the big block of ice will take longer to dissolve because of its mass. The same is true for larger stones. Thankfully, most stones are 7mm or smaller.

There are no harmful side effects because the ingredients are natural and safe. If you do have any hesitations, feel free to ask your doctor. In fact, I encourage you to tell your doctor about this remedy before you actually use it. Most doctors are amazed after seeing the results of this remedy, and they understand why it works, from a medical standpoint, due to the nature of the ingredients.

#4 - Why doesn't my doctor know about this remedy? Actually, many doctors and nurses DO know about this remedy... and have recommended this remedy to their patients!

But most doctors have never studied natural home remedies in their practice of medicine. Most doctors are very knowledgeable about pharmaceutical drugs, and that is what they prescribe (and make money from). Many people everywhere across the world rely on home remedies because most of them are proven, safe and inexpensive. Doctors today are simply too overwhelmed with prescribing drugs to people and offering surgical procedures to get rid of problems that can sometimes be solved with a simple home remedy.

#5 - Why won't you share this remedy for free? Some people think I am just trying to make a quick buck by selling this remedy online. However, they fail to see my side of the story. I pay a lot of money every day just to advertise my website on the Internet. I pay on a per-click basis, which adds up quickly. Only 1-2% of the people who click on my ad will actually buy my product, so I need to charge enough to cover my advertising costs. Plus, if I didn't advertise, nobody would ever know about this remedy, because it is very hard to find. I pay advertising so I can find people like you who need this remedy right away. I would love to help people for free, but I simply cannot afford to pay for the advertising to do so. Plus, I am helping support my family with this website. Besides, what other medical procedures or prescriptions cost less than $40 and have a money-back guarantee?

#6 - Has this remedy worked for other people? YES!!! In fact, I have compiled a partial list of testimonials, located here. Over 80% of my customers have reported that this remedy worked for them!

#7 - Can you recommend other natural remedies? Sure, check out my blog

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me: [email protected]

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